Love is Beautiful….

#Just a Thought about Love

Loveis a strange feeling. My upcoming novel talks a lot about ‘Love‘ and the silly things we tend to do when we are in ‘Love‘. So without any further ado let me talk a little about love and what you can expect from my novel – My First Breakup.

When we guys are in love with a girl, we tend to notice every minute details about our girl. We tend to notice everything, what makes her laugh? What makes her open her eyes wide in utter surprise? And what makes her angry? The little things that she does, catches our attention. Little things do matter a lot inLove’. 

They say it’s a hormonal thing that makes us to think about the other person. Well, science isn’t everything and although it might be correct, but I don’t want to be that scientific here.

What canLovebe according to you? Smiling when he or she smiles, crying when he or she cries or caring for each other through thick and thin. I knowLove includes all of these statements that I have mentioned. Well, as for me, I believeLove has even more depth than one can imagine.

I feelLovealways brings changes in someone’s life. There are many changes that take place while we are inlove‘, but I will basically talk about the changes corresponding to aYes,  I love you tooreply and the changes corresponding to aSorry, I don’t feel the same way for youreply

Let me talk about thedon’t love you’ situation first. These changes basically are  in the way of thinking. We tend to suffer from a severe agony which is not physical, but emotional that is more likely to break our will. This is when we hit the depression zone, so how exactly can we get rid of it?? That’s totally up to us. Either we can thinkWell, it’s a no…. so let’s move onor else we can think….It’s a no, but I believe that I can turn it in to a yes”.

I do not think that anyone can point out which of the either thought is correct, letting things go or holding on to it. Don’t you think both the thoughts are correct on their own grounds?  ‘Letting go’, it’s very easy to say, but the reality is, sometimesletting someone gocan be even more difficult than holding on to someone.

This brings me to the next change, the changes corresponding to aYes, I love you tooreply.

Seriously, are there any changes at all happening for aYes, I love you too reply??

Yes, there are many changes that we won’t even realize, but are already happening within us… and what exactly are these changes again? Well, we become used to each other. It’s not a bad thing to get used to someone, just that things become more of awefrom anI’. It always feels good if there is someone who would care for us, ask us every night aboutHow our day was? And if we had our dinner?and if the answers to these questions were negative, he or she would cheer us up and at the same time get angry and deliver a big lecture regarding meals and their importance. We grow used to these small little things and if by any chance we don’t get these little tender feels, we tend to miss it dearly.

Lovehas many definitions and all are perfect in their perspective, eternal love, never ending love, true love…all are correct. But, what I feel is… a relationship can be built only when there are two other important factors present and contributing…. Hope’ and ‘Trust’.

Hope in the sense that:

If I would come to know that I would die tomorrow, a look at her beautiful face and the melody of her smile would give me enough ‘Hope’ to come back to life after dying tomorrow”.

Trust has its own flavor inLove. Trust in the sense that:

Wait a second, God…. Are you serious…. She is never ever an option. She is my ‘choice’….  I ‘Trust‘ in her decision that even I am her ‘choice’ and not just an option”.

Yes, we do get hurt in love many a times, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not true or it’s just a legendary word that can only be found in books. No…. We might ‘love’ someone and yet our love might fail just because we had eitherhopeortrustmissing in it.  But, that shouldn’t pull us down, we should just open up and haveHopeandTrustthat we will find our love someday no matter how many hardships we have to go through and when we do find that perfect one, we will never let go.

My First Breakup” is a story about how hard hittingLove‘ can be at times. ‘Love’ indeed is a beautiful thing.

#Dhruba D Roy

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  1. Roshan Malik says:

    This is an awsome article….. Very realistic…. Please Post a blog on your upcoming Novel and the charachters and plot….. really interested to know more…

  2. Nisha Gogoi says:

    I loved this blog….. Realistic… Patiently waiting for ‘My First Breakup’…..

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